Transmission Conversion

I used the 4L60E transmission because it was the stock match to the LT1 set up. I t also gave me the option to change the transmission shift points with a key stroke on a computer.  I'll get great gas mileage and will be able to hang with the C4's Vettes on long road trips. The transmission was out of a '95  Trans Am with 30,000 miles. The  first thing I had to change was the transmission tail shaft.  F-body transmission mount is located ahead of the tail shaft. In order to mount the transmission,  I had to buy a  '82 vette tail shaft.  You can still buy them from Chevrolet for around $40.00.  I used my '76 TH350 cross member to mount the tail shaft.  I had to drill new holes behind where a TH400 would  mount.  I used a '82 vette TH700 rubber mount, it's a bit taller than the TH350 rubber mount (see picture).  I had to relocate the E-brake pulley mount since the 4L60E is longer than the TH350 and the yoke would have touched the E-brake cable. To cut the driveline to the correct length I  measured from the tail shaft rear seal to the center of the u-joint cap and deducted 3/4". This left me adequate room to install the two piece yoke into the transmission and install the drive line. I had Akeen drivelines cut the driveline by 3  9/16".   (see picture of the driveline).  I removed the old brake light switch from my '76 and installed the '95 Camaro ganged brake light switch /TCC- shift interrupt switch.  The Camaro Switch  slips right into the '76 brake switch bracket as if it was designed to. (see picture) .  I installed a 4 speed automatic shifter conversion kit from  ( P/N-34800). This kit will  adapt the old TH350 cable to 4L60E  and  change the detents on the shifter and display the overdrive indicator. (see picture)