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The BBORR is more of a technical driver's challenge than a straight road course like the Nevada races. There are 59 turns in the last 50 miles leading to Sanderson. They are composed of many elevation changes and are made up of all the types of turns to be found on any road course, anywhere. These turns make it a real challenge to meet your average class speed - in any Division. Please keep this in mind when you decided on your entry Division and Class.

Have you ever looked down that long, straight, empty highway and wished you
could run flat out without getting a ticket? Well, now you can! Open Road Rallying
is 83 to 100 miles of sweet, open road, all to yourself, where you and your machine
can go as fast as you choose, LEGALLY!  Nearly any type of vehicle is permitted,
from street machines to pure racecars, and we have rally speed brackets for every
type of car and driver, from 95 mph to 170 mph! Check it out.

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