The fuel system



The fuel system was my biggest hurdle. I wanted  to make the fuel conversion as stock as possible so I could buy off -the -shelf replacement parts if needed. I removed the stock sending unit and manufactured a plate which included a fuel pump mount and filler tube. I  used a standard '95 Z28 350 fuel pump. It bolts right up to my flange. Since the Camaro fuel lines were plastic I tossed them out and made up my own. I used a 37 degree flare on the 3/8" fuel pump high pressure line and connected it up with AN fittings to the braided fuel line . The filler tube had to be angled to make room for the fuel pump. (See picture). I had to drop the fuel tank by 1/2".  The fuel line goes along the same route as the old fuel lines.  I used a  standard GM fuel filter AC type GF-481. I went to a  local junk yard and removed the filter along with a foot of fuel line off  a Chevy Astro Van (or from a Chevy Truck).  You can buy a repair kit at Napa which will do the same thing, but will cost you around $20.00 . Most junk yards will give you this stuff free.  I then flared each side to mate correctly with  AN fittings. I mounted the filter on the right where the frame comes around the engine, directly under the fire wall (See picture). I used the  filter mount from the Astro Van. Looks and works great.  You will need to Tig weld a AN fitting to the input of the fuel rail. I had this done professionally for $10.00. The fuel line coming off the fuel regulator is a low pressure line, so you can use clamps to attach fuel line all the way back to the gas tank. I used the old 3/8 " fuel line as my return line. The old charcoal canister will work fine for the fuel evaporation system.  So far everything has been working great.  The '95 sending unit  and my '76 fuel gauge seem to match up ok. I still haven't tested for gas sloshing during autocross events.