Dash Modifications



I used Autometer  Pro Comp 5" in dash electronic speedometer and Tach. The speedometer is programmable and goes up to 160 MPH and has a push button calibration. It requires 500 to 400,000 pulse/mile. I decided to used a electronic speedo because I didn't want to hassle with drilling a hole in the tail shaft to relocate the Vss transducer, thus leaving an opening for the gear to drive the original analog speedometer. Replacing the speedo and tach left me without signals, high beam and e- brake indicators. I move all of them to the center console. I replaced the head lamp indicator with the e-brake and the door ajar with the high beam. I installed the signal indicator on the plate above all of the gauges. See the pictures. I installed a security lamp ( VAT Alarm) in the same area. I replaced the seat belt indicator with the "service engine " indicator.