Customer Corvettes

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Guy 's '74 Big Block Roadster

Jeramie 's "Custom" '78 coupe

Mark 's "classic shark" '71 Coupe Johnny 's "Sleek" '82 Coupe
Dennis's '96 Grand Sport Roger's '96 Grand Sport
George's Awesome Z06 Carole's 2002 "Black Beauty" C5 Web page
Z06.jpg (52368 bytes) Dsc02218.jpg (587181 bytes)
Avery's '79 Shark Kevin's C4
Rob's 2002 C5 Robert's Chromed "cool" C5
Mark's '82 Collector Edition Shark

Louie's '67 Vette with (rare inertical reel lap/shoulder belts)

Lenny's Custom C5 Altbert's cool Nitro '70 Corvette
Bill's '70 Big Block vette Don's '03 Z06
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