LT1/4L60E Engine Conversion


PCM/Wiring Transmission Fuel System Dash Mods Suspension Coolant Mods


I have always been a fan of the C3 Corvette styling , but at the same time I wanted the performance and fuel economy that the C4 corvettes offered. So I installed a '95 LT1 engine and 4L60E transmission into my '76 vette. I purchased an LT1 engine from a wrecked '95 Z28 w/ 18,000 miles and a '95 4L60E tranny w/ 35,000 miles. My first hurdle was the A/C pump. On the test run, I dropped in the LT1 without the A/C pump and I still hit the upper control arm with the Z28 accessory bracket. So I had to switch over to a corvette LT1 bracket. (A lesson to whomever does this swap, get a vette LT1 engine). The parts needed to switch over to a corvette LT1 accessory were the harmonic balancer, accessory brackets, and pulleys. I was able to use the Z28 alternator and the power steering pump. The experts said I would have to replace the alternator & power steering pump with a corvette design. They were wrong. With a slight amount of modifications I was able to use them. To use the alternator I had to replace the Z28 valve cover with '95 corvette composite valve covers. I shimmed the power steering pump outward by 1/4" and repositioned the low pressure input line. On the high pressure side, I removed the union, pressure relief valve, and spring from the original '76 pump and installed it in the new pump. I made a high pressure hose to the correct length. My steering works great. My '76 vette doesn't have A/C, so I designed a A/C delete bracket which uses a stock '95 vette serpentine belt. This bracket will work on C4 LT1 corvettes as well.  I painted my '76 vette  with PPG Durethane polyurethane paint with DAU 82 clear coat. For further information continue below. My best 1/4 mile time this year was 13.600 @ 101 MPH at SIR (Seattle International Raceway)  with 3:08 gears. See other parts of the conversion by clicking on the above buttons.

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