Sharkbar Series 2

 Vetteworks is the manufacturer of The Shark Bar Series 2 C3 Corvette Harness Bar. It installs into all late model C3 without any major modifications. The Series 2 Harness Bar will keep occupants securely in place when autocrossing and exceeds NHRA/SFI standards in reference OEM seats. The '78 thru '80 harness bars comes with the necessary brackets to equip the driver and passenger for a 5-pt harness. The Anti-submarine brackets is come with quick release clips so the anti-submarine (crotch) belt can be removed easily. The '81 thru '82 Corvette come with a different style of lap/ anti submarine bracket due to the driver side power seat. The crotch bracket on these model does not allow for a quick release clip and the driver seat will have to be adjusted all the way back and leaves very little forward seat adjustment. The Shark Bar Series 2 attaches to the existing seat belt anchors and doesn't block access to the rear compartments or sun shade. The lap belt brackets use the existing lap belt anchors, but position the lap belt further behind the seat so the lap belts will align at a 45 degree angle across the occupants mid section. The anti-submarine (crotch) brackets can be ordered with a mount to secure a fire extinguisher. The Shark Bar use a 3" individual style aftermarket belts. The Shark Bar Series 2 has other accessories available. To Purchase the Shark Bar "click on" the Catalog button.

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